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Ecoinomi: A Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Although cryptocurrency is a promising technology and considered as a big thing in the tech industry, less than 1% of the total population in India are familiar with it. The major reason why it is not that popular among people is that it doesn’t have much uses or applications in daily life.
We need applications and usages where we can use cryptocurrency to increase cryptocurrency awareness and increase its popularity among the people.
ECOINOMI was born with that goal in mind. It aims to create cryptocurrency ecosystem to take cryptocurrency into the daily life of common people.


ECOINOMI is established with a goal to integrate cryptocurrency into the daily lives and personal economy of people. It aims to create several applications where people can use cryptocurrency for transactions, making purchases, getting services and paying bills. 

ECOINOMI official website:

XCOM: The Cryptocurrency of ECOINOMI

ECOINOMI has its own cryptocurrency called XCOM. However, you are not restricted to store other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in the ECOINOMI wallet. It neither forces you to convert other cryptocurrencies into XCOM.
Moreover, XCOM implements ERC-20 standards, and therefore, it will be compatible with all major cryptocurrency wallets ad exchange platforms. In that sense, ECOINOMI and our cryptocurrency XCOM are very flexible.

Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

ECOINOMI introduces a multi cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store all popular cryptocurrencies. It’s a secure platform where you can store all your digital assets and trade them whenever you want. You can save multiple cryptocurrencies in the wallet.
It also allows users to track the cryptocurrencies that are stored in other places including hardware wallet and exchanges. It gives you an overview of the entire portfolio of your cryptocurrency portfolio across multiple platforms.

Ecoinomi Applications

#1 Online Classifieds Website

ECOINOMI aims to create a blockchain based online classified website which makes use of cryptocurrency to trade goods and properties. This platform offers a place for the people where they can spend the cryptocurrencies.  It works based escrow system in which ECOINOMI will act as a third-party between the primary transacting parties.
Users can use the XCOM tokens to pay the fee and charges on the classified website platform.

#2 Earn Playing Games Online

Ecoinomi ecosystem offers a gaming platform in which gamers can earn money with their gaming skills. Gamers can top up their XCOM account with Bitcoin, Ethereum, FIAT or VISA/MasterCard. The XCOM can be used for gaming and earn the XCOM. Later the earned XCOM cryptocurrency can be converted into their favorite currency.

#3 ESCROW Application

Ecoinomi ESCROW offers a safe platform for people to buy and sell properties. Ecoinomi acts as escrow and keep the transaction amount which will be released after successful transaction of the goods of properties. It offers a safe and secure platform the buyers and sellers without worrying about frauds or losing money.

Perks for the Early Adopters

Ecoinomi is in its infancy, so we decided to offer huge perks to the early adopters. We offer tokens at exceptional prices and discounts in the ICO (initial coin offering).

The early adopters who partake in Ecoinomi from ICO will be considered as active sponsored of the platform and will receive several benefits.
The rate of XCOM, the cryptocurrency of Ecoinomi, in the ICO is only $0.01 for 1 XCOM. So, it is an excellent opportunity for those who want to buy or invest in cryptocurrency.


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