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Ecoinomi Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

If you are interested in investing or mining cryptocurrency, one of the essential things you need is a secure and easy to use cryptocurrency wallet. It’s better if it supports multiple cryptocurrencies.
A multi cryptocurrency wallet like ECOINOMI Wallet will allow you store, receive and send multiple cryptocurrencies including Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

Please visit ECOINOMI website to know more about this wallet: 

The biggest advantage of ECOINOMI Wallet is that it treats all cryptocurrencies the same way though it has its own cryptocurrency called XCOM. It provides a secure and user-friendly platform for the common people to store all their cryptocurrencies.

Scope of Ecoinomi Wallet

Ecoinomi wallet offers a single platform in which you can store all your cryptocurrencies. It also allow you trade or exchange cryptocurrencies. Although Ecoinomi has its own cryptocurrency called XCOM, Ecoinomi wallet is not a competition to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies and considers them as the same as its own cryptocurrency XCOM.
The wallet will give you an overview of the entire portfolio of your cryptocurrency. You can also control all your cryptocurrencies using this wallet you can exchange, trade or convert them anytime you want.
The Ecoinomi Wallet offers different opportunities to the users.
You can hold it or trade it through the peer to peer exchanges in the wallet.
You can also use the wallet access the various cryptocurrency applications offered by Ecoinomi ecosystem.              

Ecoinomi Wallet: A Gateway to the Ecoinomi Cryptocurrency Applications

The Ecoinomi Wallet will also act as a gateway to access the cryptocurrency applications offered under Ecoinomi ecosystem.

1: Gaming Platform

An Ecoinomi wallet will allow gamers to access the gaming platform and earn XCOM cryptocurrency. The earning will be saved into the wallet and it can be converted into any currency the gamer want.

2: Escrow Platform

Ecoinomi also offers an escrow platform which facilitates secure, trustable, and fraud-free transactions. Ecoinomi will act as an escrow or broker in between the transactions between the parties and will keep the amount from both parties in the transaction.
The escrow classified website allows sellers to list good and properties on the website. People interested in purchasing them first pay to the escrow platform. Then the seller sends the goods or items to the buyer and the escrow platform will release the payment to the seller once the buyer confirms the delivery of items. This system will solve fraudulent activities which are very prevalent in the classified websites.

Win Huge Perks with ICO

Ecoinomi offers excellent offers in its ICO (initial coin offering). Interested people can partake in the ICO and buy XCOM tokens exchanging Ether, Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash. It helps them raise the funds for the further development of the platform.
The early supporters will be considered as active sponsors and participants in the development of the platform.
In the ICO, one XCOM costs only $0.01. Ecoinomi and XCOM is great place for the cryptocurrency investors. Its current value is very less and the price will definitely shoot up high as the unique opportunities offered by Ecoinomi platforms will create a huge demand among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


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