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What is Ecoinomi?

ECOINOMI aims to highlight specific economic problems and tries to solve them and improve the daily life common people with an e-commerce platform based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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Ecoinomi Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

Ecoinomi Wallet - Store and Transact BITCOINS, ETHERUM, LITECOIN, DOGECOIN and many more!

Exclusive Features of Ecoinomi App
Ecoinomi wallet offers many unique features that no other cryptocurrency wallet offers today. Try Ecoinomi wallet App today.

Users can create multiple sub-wallets inside the Ecoinomi wallet. Ecoinomi wallet enables you to create multiple sub-wallets so you can create different wallets different coins, tokens or different purposes.
Each sub-wallet can have different wallet address for each coin or token. Each sub-wallet in Ecoinomi wallet is a stand-alone wallet with its own wallet address. You can use any of the sub-wallets for any cryptocurrency transaction based on your preferences. You can transfer from your one sub-wallet to another if you wish.
Each coin will show the live price and charts The sub-wallets will display the value of coins or tokens in US Dollars apart from the price fluctuation charts. It gives you the exact value of your digital assets store…

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